Training & Academics

In House Training

Soft Skill Training
Clinical Training

Trainings form an integral part of employee development at NEI. Regular in-house and external resource conducted trainings are organized at the Institute.

For Ophthalmic Surgeons

  • 18 Months Fellowship in Comprehensive Eye Care

For Optometrists

  • One Year Practical Training

In-house trainings conducted at NEI by the Management and Doctors:

  1. CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement)
  2. Healthcare Excellence
  3. 5S method of workplace organization
  4. Introduction to Stress Management
  5. Behavioral Training
  6. Infection Control
  7. Quality and Safety

Trainings Conducted by External Resources at NEI

Fire and Safety Training
  1. Impact of worries and the ensuing tensions in human life (By Shri Shubha Vilas Prabhu, noted motivational and spiritual speaker, ISKCON)
  2. NABH Accreditation (By Dr. Prashant Kelkar, MD – Paediatrics and Assessor, NABH)
  3. Use of Centurion Phaco Machine System (By Dr. Gaurav Luthra, renowned Ophthalmologist of North India)
  4. CME on Oculoplasty (By Dr. Vishal Sharma, Oculoplasty, Orbit and Ocular Oncology Specialist, Amritsar Eye Clinic, Dehradun)

Continued Medical Education (CME)