Low Vision Clinic

Low Vision or visually impaired is a term used to describe varying degrees of vision loss that cannot be corrected by medications, surgeries or conventional glasses. Vision loss may be due to

  • Decreased visual acuity.
  • Visual field defect.
  • Decreased Contrast Sensitivity.
  • Loss of color perception.

Impact of Low Vision on person’s quality of life can be devastating

But people should not accept the statement that nothing can be done about their low vision. People with low vision can improve their quality of life through vision enhancement and Rehabilitation services by teaching them how to use their remaining vision more effectively using a variety of visual and adaptive aids may bring them back or help them keep their independence.


Because of the low vision one may complain of the following difficulties…

  • I have trouble reading the text in my school books or copying from black board even after wearing my glasses.
  • “ How can I manage my home when I am not seeing things clearly or if I see things partially??
  • It’s becoming difficult to see the computer screen, I don’t want to loose my job.”

If the answer is “YES” for the above difficulties or vision problems are interfering the life,


The LOW VISION clinic at Nirmal Ashram Eye Institute Rishikesh can help.

We at NEI believe in the ability and potential of visually challenged patients. We provide training and therapy to visually challenged people, to enhance their visual potential.

The LOW VISION clinic can enable an individual.

  • To cope with the vision loss.
  • Travel safely.
  • Take care of their homes.
  • Meet your career objectives.
  • Enjoy communication, education, leisure activities.
  • Use of Low Vision devices and training techniques.

In short, The Clinic can help an individual continue to do what one wants to do.