Retina Treatment Services


What is Retina?

It is the delicate and thin light sensitive layer at the back of your eye. It consists of millions of special light sensitive cells that are called photoreceptors. These photoreceptors capture light and convert it to electric impulses which are directed to your brain via optic nerve. Once these electric impulses reach brain, they are seen as images. Any disease in retina interrupts this process and leads to disturbance or loss in vision.

So far, retinal diseases are the leading cause of irreversible loss of sight in adults, all over the world.

How do retinal disorders present?

Majority of retinal diseases are symptomless and have no noticeable symptoms in their initial stage, the stage at which they can be treated with best results. Therefore, timely detection of retinal diseases is a vital part of eye care. It becomes very important for patients, particularly those at increased risk, to get routine screening by medical as well as surgical retina specialists who are accomplished in detecting and treating these disorders.

Additionally, you may notice floaters, sudden or gradual decrease of vision, complete loss of vision, distorted vision etc with retinal disorders

Who is at Risk of Retinal Diseases?

You need a dilated examination and screening for Retinal Diseases if you are Diabetic, Hypertensive, or short sighted and wear “minus glasses”.

You also need to get retina checked if you are experiencing symptoms like hazy vision, distorted reading, floaters (black spots or cob webs hanging in your field of view), flashes (sparking of light!) or if you suffer from cancer, immunological diseases like Rheumatoid or Sarcoidosis or eye injury.

Besides this if your vision is getting hazy again after cataract surgery or you were born premature, then also you need retina examination.

Retina services at NEI?

Doctors at NEI are renowned for their expertise in detecting as well as treating the complete spectrum of retinal disorders, like age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy & retinal detachments.

Team of Retina Surgeons at NEI has gone through intensive training for Diagnosis, Treatment and Research on Retinal diseases. Their association with leading institutes in INDIA like  ShankarNetralaya Chennai and Narayana Nethralaya, Bangalore has not just helped them acquire most innovative skills, however has also incorporated the highest standards of ethics and dedication.

Staff posted at Retina services at NEI has also been specially trained to provide compassionate care and detailed counselling for retinal diseases. They are habituated to put maximum efforts in addressing all the concerns of a retina patient. Since, retina treatments often demand multiple visits and variable waiting periods; the staff is always keen to get closely associated with them to assist at all the steps.

Large number of patients prefers to rely on our team for their retinal surgery requirements.