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Case Study

Abdurr Rehman and Mohammad Mustaqeem (L to R)

Case Study

This is the story of two young men, brothers, residing in Dhakrani village of Block Vikasnagar in Dehradun district of Uttarakhand state in India. Mohammad Mustaqeem, 21 years and Abdurr Rehman, 18 years had been suffering with congenital corneal opacity since their births. Due to this condition, their corneas clouded progressively, with age, leading to decreasing vision. Apart from the ensuing visual impairment, they experienced other irritants in leading normal lifestyles; excessive tearing, constant sensation of something in the eye, and most disturbingly, excessive sensitivity to light, so much so that they could not comfortably put on their slippers, during the day, which were left in their home’s courtyard. During evenings and night, their studies were hampered due to increasing sensitivity to light bulbs and tube lights. All in all, their lives were adversely affected, hampering their studies, social interaction and most of all their personal growth. However, despite their inherent constraints, the enterprising brothers memorized the Holy Quran by listening to and repeating Its Verses and were conferred with the title of Hafiz by the local Madrasa (school).

The brothers, along with their father visited NEI in December, 2016 and their eyes were checked up by Dr. Vishal Vohra, Cornea Consultant at the Institute. Upon investigation, they were found to be suffering with corneal opacity and were suggested the Penetrating Keratoplasty procedure to transplant corneal tissues in one of each of their eyes.

After their surgeries, both brothers are showing tremendous progress in their lives. With their visions improved substantially, the elder one, Mohammad Mustaqeem has joined the local Madrasa as a teacher of the Holy Quran and Urdu language. The younger brother, Abdurr Rehman is continuing his studies and aspires to become a Maulana, a religious scholar of Islam, one day.