Eye Donation Felicitation

Eye Donation Felicitation

With the blessings and inspiration of Param Shraddhey, H.H. Mahant Baba Ram Singh Ji Maharaj and Sant Baba Jodh Singh Ji Maharaj, thirty four families of eye donors were felicitated by Nirmal Ashram Eye Institute (NEI), Rishikesh on Saturday, 21.10.2023.

The function organized at the Nirmal Auditorium, Khari-Kalan, Rishikesh was attended by more than 200 people, including many devotees of Nirmal Ashram, Rishikesh who had congregated from  Chidderwala, Bhaniyawala, Doiwala, Garhi-Shyampur, Khairi and Gumaniwala areas from nearby Rishikesh.

Mr. Ajay Sharma, General Manager (Operations), Dr. Asif Khan, Medical Superintendent and Shri Atam Prakash Kochhar (Babuji) of NEI led the entire staff to participate in the function with full zeal.

The event was successfully conducted by Dr. Himani and Mr. Shashi Shekhar Singh.





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