Eye Donation Awareness Program Creates a Visionary Impact!

Eye Donation Awareness Program Creates a Visionary Impact!

On August 4th, as part of our series to raise awareness for eye donation, Nirmal Mission for Vision Society, in collaboration with Sant Nikka Singh Public School Trust Society, organized a camp at S. N. S Public School in Karnal. The event aimed to enlighten our young generation about the significance of eye donation.

With a distinguished lineup of dignitaries, the program commenced with utmost enthusiasm. Dr. S. N. Suri, the esteemed Chairman, graced the occasion alongside S. Gurbinder Singh, Mrs. Renu Suri (Conveyer of School advisory committee), Sardar Kuldeep Singh Kalra (Director), Dr. K. L. Dang, Mr. Rajesh Gupta (Senior Manager Nirmal Dham Trust Society), Mrs. Sarika Taluja (I.T.I), Mr. Waseem Khan (NEI), and other esteemed guests who also honored the event with their presence. The event was further elevated by the gracious presence of esteemed school principals, including Mrs. Kavita Arora from S. N. S Public School, Model Town, Mrs. Manju Yadav from Zarifa Farm, and Mrs. Sonia Gawa from Sadar Bazar, who ensured that the occasion was filled with warmth and hospitality.

  1. Gurbinder Singh, a compelling speaker, captivated the young minds of the students from class IX to XII with an engaging lecture on eye donation. The kids were enlightened about the eye donation procedure, preparation, and the far-reaching social benefits of this noble act. The event was filled with knowledge, inspiration, and compassion, fostering a collective commitment to give the gift of sight

At the conclusion of the event, Dr. K. L. Dang extended his heartfelt gratitude through a vote of thanks. The campaign ended in a serene and joyous manner, with the distribution of Frooti and Parsad among all students.

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