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To provide Quality eye care screening to the poorest of the poor at their …


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We pledge to offer world class ophthalmic care to the population …

Our Inspiration, Genesis and Philosophy

The present spiritual head of Nirmal Ashram, His Holiness Mahant Baba Ram Singh Ji is blessed by Sant Nikka Singh Ji “Virakat” and Mahant Narain Singh Ji as well.

H.H. Mahant Baba Ram Singh Ji became the successor of Mahant Narain Singh Ji. He was designated as the Spiritual Head of Nirmal Ashram Trust in November, 1982. Mahant Baba Ram Singh Ji travels extensively in India and across the world to spread knowledge about the Values of Nirmal Sampradaya, thereby rendering selfless service to humanity.

Sant Baba Jodh Singh Ji joined Nirmal Ashram as a Trustee in April, 1983. Mahant Baba Ram Singh Ji has authorized Sant Baba Jodh Singh to look after all philanthropic activities of Ashram and its sister institutions

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